A tune for Rodger

Here is a two step composed to commemorate Rodger's retirement. It will find its way into a ceilidh near you soon! ' 

Photoshoot – April 2018

Big thanks to Martin Stewart, an old friend of Laurie’s, for his excellent new photos of PCB which you see displayed on our site. Great fun to shoot in our spiritual home on Portobello Promenade and we were really grateful to Portobello Swim Centre for their generosity in hosting us too – just above the Turkish Baths!

Rodgie’s retirement – January 2018

We thought and hoped the day would never come - but we find ourselves announcing that our wonderful accordionist and dear friend Rodger is to retire from PCB. 

We’re gutted to be losing him. Rodgie has played with us for nearly thirty years and has given invaluable musical input, wisdom, home-made soup and humour throughout that time. After a big birthday in April this year, he's done his fair share of driving back from gigs in the small hours - but will never lose his zest for playing!. An amazing man - and everyone that meets him is richer for it. It has been a massive privilege for all of us to know him and play music with him, and Roy, Wilma, Gordon, Davey and many more would echo that.

Our deepest thanks and love to Rodgie and Kate. 

But what do they say about every cloud … and life turning full circle? 

As a teacher in Queensferry High School, Rodger ran a brilliant Scottish music band for many years with senior pupils. Sometime in the late 80s, not long before playing his first gigs with PCB, he came across a young accordionist of outstanding talent (not actually a QHS pupil, but a pal of one) - by the name of Sandy Brechin. Rodgie was an inspiration to Sandy at that time. It wasn’t long before Sandy was playing professional gigs … some with Portobello Ceilidh Band, in fact! 

We’re thrilled to announce that Sandy - now one of the country’s best-loved traditional musicians, and known to ceilidh fans anywhere that Scottish music and dancing happens - will be joining us from 2018. He’s an old friend of Cath and Googs, a dazzling player, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things ceilidh - we couldn’t possibly have hoped for a better new colleague. 

Here’s to 2018 and on - an exciting future for PCB and a happy retirement for a rare mannie.


A new jig

Here is a new jig composed a couple of months ago to commemorate a music tour undertaken with Edinburgh College music students, as part of Laurie's day job. It was a great time! St Margaret's Church Aberlour was the setting for one of our most enjoyable concerts.

A new reel for Rusty

A reel composed on holiday in Dunoo A reel composed on holiday in Dunoon recently to celebrate Rusty’s Fun House in Hunter’s Quay Holiday Village. See it here.




We're delighted to publish four videos taken at our recent public ceilidh at Portobello Town Hall. You'll see two of them on our home page, and all of them can be found on our youtube channel here. Enjoy, and share with friends if you would like!

Tom and Pauline's Ruby Polka

We are pleased to publish a brand new dance and tune to celebrate Tom and Pauline Crozier's recent ruby wedding anniversary. Tom won one of the raffle prizes we donated to Ben and Finlay's Christmas auction, mentioned below. Congratulations!

A new (-ish) tune

Here is a tune written a wee while ago for Laurie’s younger brother’s wedding. It ended up as a quiet, reflective kind of piece a bit different to a typical wedding polka or reel. The Old Paper Mill is a beautiful guest house on the edge of the Peak District, and the mohair quilt was another unusual wedding gift, fashioned there by the closest friends and family of the happy couple. Enjoy!

Some more tunes – enjoy!

Grace’s Jig – G
McNab Sound – Reel, D
So Long – Waltz, G
The Roxburghe Jig Em

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